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The Waves Platform is a global public blockchain platform, founded in 2016. Waves Platform’s mission is to reinvent the DNA of entrepreneurship around the world by providing a shared infrastructure, offering easy-to-use, highly functional tools to make blockchain available to every person or organisation that can benefit from it.


WAVES is a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations. National currencies transfer is maintained on the WAVES blockchain through compliant gateway operators.
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Current openings

We’d be happy to welcome you to our team. Come and change the world with us!

API Integration Specialist

  • Consult with our partners and third-party developers, contribute to the development of applications, and work with API
  • Develop client libraries for our API and examples of their use and useful services
  • Write technical documentation and instructions
  • Basic programming skills in one or more languages (Java / Scala / C# / Python / JavaScript / Go / PHP)
  • The desire to learn about new platforms, languages, and libraries
  • Good written English
  • Basic knowledge of Unix (preferred)


  • Constant monitoring and analysis of the market and trends
  • Monitoring of information space
  • Search for investment opportunities (assets already on markets)
  • Analysis of projects having ICOs (including those in the Pre-Sale stages)
  • Participation in writing fund analytical reports
  • First-hand experience working in cryptocurrency markets
  • First-hand experience investing in projects having an ICO
  • The ability to analyze large amounts of information, draw conclusions, and offer solutions

Android Developer

  • Breaking down tasks
  • Project scope planning
  • Interacting with analysts, designers, programmers, and testers
  • Writing quality code
  • Experience developing on Android (2+ years, API level 15+)
  • Deep understanding of Java (3+ years)
  • Knowledge of the development specifics of Android (version 4 and higher)
  • Knowledge and understanding of Android MVP, OOP, and design patterns
  • Ability to create interfaces and interface animations
  • Protocol and format knowledge of HTTP, HTTPS, JSON, REST
  • Experience working with push notifications
  • Experience working with Git
  • Ability to understand others’ code
  • Knowledge of Android Studio and Gradle
  • Experience working with NoSQL databases (Realm)
  • Experience with non-mobile programming
  • Projects already on Google Play

iOS developer

  • Developing and supporting iOS apps and participating in the company’s projects
  • Designing new versions of apps and ensuring that external devices, smartphones, third-party apps, and web services synchronize harmoniously with them
  • Working on the system core, interacting with portable devices (Bluetooth LE)
  • Forming the functional and technical requirements of apps
  • Analyzing and searching for new solutions in order to optimize the app’s consumption of mobile devices’ resources
  • Developing project documentation (Wiki)
  • 4+ years experience working with iOS 9, 10, 11 (completed projects on the App Store with over 100,000 users)
  • Experience working on a team (GIT/ SVN + Redmine / Jira)
  • Strong knowledge of development technologies (Objective C, XCode, iOS SDK, Cocoa Touch)
  • Experience working with databases (SQLite)
  • Understanding of the principles of OOP, MVC; knowledge of design patterns and the principles of client-server apps (REST, caching, query queues)
  • Experience working with JSON, UIKit, Core Graphis, Core Data, Auto Layout, Quartz Core (layers), Core Animation, GCD (blocks and lines), NSOperation, NSURLSession, AFNetworking, MagicalRecord, RestKit
  • Experience working with multithreading
  • Knowledge of English for technical documentation
  • Experience working with Crashlytics, Reactive Cocoa, push notifications
  • Experience developing on other platforms (web, desktop)
  • Experience localizing iOS apps
  • Experience working with Bluetooth / BLE
  • Experience writing unit tests

Blockchain Evangelist

  • Participating in making presentations, reports, holding negotiations, consulting clients and partners
  • Promoting the Waves Platform ideology and brand
  • Closing deals with independent clients
  • Planning your responsibilities and work schedule
  • Accounting for and analyzing your own work
  • More than 3 years’ work experience with similar tasks
  • A good tech background, experience working with tech projects (in the fields of fintech and blockchain)
  • Fluent English
  • Perfect Russian, experience with public speaking at large events; good communication skills
  • Experience organizing events and meetups from scratch
  • Experience holding negotiations
  • Regular business trips
  • High mobility and self-organization
  • Real cases of attracting partners and clients
  • Ability to find the right people and a common language with them
  • Ability to think outside the box
  • Ability to persuade others

UX/UI designer

  • Closely collaborate with colleagues across the product team to design and deliver industry-leading digital experiences across a wide range of platforms; including mobile, desktop, web, and others as projects require
  • Clearly articulate your design and bring it to life for the developers via user journeys, user flows, wireframes, mock-ups, prototypes, presentations and comprehensively-annotated design specifications
  • Effectively balance complex project plans with multiple work streams and dependencies as well as user experience quality and implementation challenges/considerations
  • Incorporate UX research tools, data, personas, competitive analysis and metrics to help shape user experiences
  • Revise and iterate designs and documentation based on continued user testing and feedback
  • Contribute to testing criteria for usability studies, A/B & MV Testing of products and platforms as part of the design process
  • Guide, maintain and communicate UX/UI consistency of experience across all platforms
  • Spur new ideas in the development team through expert-level knowledge of competitive and complimentary mobile and multi-platform products
  • Strong working knowledge of relevant design software, in particular Sketch
  • Experience designing applications over a wide range of screen sizes
  • A strong knowledge of modern design standards and conventions. Up to date with latest design trends
  • An in-depth understanding of user experience and user-centered design principles
  • Understanding of user psychology, and intuition for how users interact with interactive systems
  • A strong aesthetic instinct, with honed visual design skills
  • Ability to effectively communicate design concepts and development, both internally and to clients
  • An understanding of how to effectively work with a development team, including provision of design assets for implementation
  • Highly motivated and self-disciplined, with the ability to work both independently as well as part of a team
  • Strong problem solving skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

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