Waves team

Waves is a team of over 100 professional software developers, business specialists and marketing experts, based in Moscow.

Sasha Ivanov

Founder & CEO

Sasha Ivanov is a physicist by training, and the visionary behind the Waves project.

Key personnel

Tatiana Tsiguleva
CoreApps Products Director
Igor Pavlov
Waves Node Product Director
Artem Kalikhov
Waves Enterprise Product Director
Alexander Morozov
dApps Product Director
Vitaliy Tsigulev
Head of Business Development at Waves Labs
Inal Kardanov
Developer Advocate
Ilya Smagin
RIDE Development Team Lead
Vitaly Fedosov
Chief Editor
Sergey Tolmachev
R&D Group Team Lead
Yuriy Naydenov
Waves Gaming Team Lead
Natalia Kutischeva
Head of HR
Sergey Nazarov
Node Development Team Lead
Alexey Kiselev
Node Go Development Team Lead
Alexey Koloskov
Matcher Development Team Lead
Daniil Tsigelnitsky
Web Interface Development Group Team Lead
Dmitriy Shuranov
Data Services Development Group Team Lead
Alexey Kofman
R&D Group Team Lead
Maria Borovikova
Alexander Borisov
Roman Dolgov
Head of IT
Leonid Matveev
Head of Algorithmic Technologies Department
Tatiana Lubarskaya
Head of Legal
Gleb Sychev
Head of Marketing
Anna Ershova
Event Manager


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