Build applications on the blockchain

These apps run on a custom built blockchain, an enormously powerful shared global infrastructure that can move value around and represent the ownership of property.
Proof-of-Stake algorithm
Waves’s blockchain uses a Proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm, with participants being rewarded from the commission on transactions made.
High network channel capacity
Our new PoS consensus algorithm enables vastly increased network bandwidth, allowing for hundreds of transactions per second.
Low, fixed transaction fees
The minimum fee for the transfer of funds is 0.001 WAVES. The fixed fee for market orders is 0.003 WAVES. The price of releasing a token is 1 WAVES, and you do not pay to use your own token.
Low-level support for various transactions
You don’t need smart contracts to release tokens or for leasing and making deals on the decentralised exchange, because transactions are performed natively.

Unbeatable speed and throughput

Based on the Waves-NG protocol, our system supports up to 6,000 transactions per minute, leaving other blockchains far behind.
In the NG model, the next miner is selected in advance. This miner creates a ‘key block’, which is then immediately filled with microblocks containing transactions, which requires no further proof-of-work. Whilst maintaining the open structure of the protocol, this allows transactions to be confirmed as fast as network latency will allow.

Versatile functionality for any use case

We are building simple, scalable, reliable and robust tools to perform secure and transparent business operations on the Waves blockchain.
RIDE, our purpose-designed programming language, makes it straightforward to apply scripted conditions to both accounts and assets. We are currently creating Turing-complete smart contracts to enable the launch of fully-fledged dApps and the execution of any set of instructions on the blockchain.
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Developer-friendly API

Our open source client application uses the same API. You can explore it and implement any kind of client application yourself.
Our nodes expose the REST API allowing access to all blockchain data (transaction history, balances, etc.) as well as operations for creating a new transaction — it’s easy to make a transfer, exchange, issue of tokens or lease fund transactions programmatically.

Running Your Waves Node

Having your own node will allow you to build secure and high-load applications on top of it.
It’s extremely easy to install and run your own instance of the Waves Node. It allows you to mine WAVES and MRTs (Miners Reward Tokens), and act as a leasing pool to aggregate mining power from other users.

Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Our nodes contain an order matcher which is used to power our decentralised exchange — enabling token trades that don’t require tokens to be transferred from your blockchain account to a separate exchange.
All operations within the DEX are secure and validated by blockchain nodes. Since the DEX is open source and a part of every node, each user can run their own instance of the DEX.
The matcher exposes its own REST API for accessing the order book and submitting orders. This allows users to implement any kind of trading UI or trading bots.

Waves Network

New versions of the Waves Node are tested by the development community on the TestNet cluster, where any developers can play with new features and ensure their applications are ready for upcoming releases.
Here are explorers for MainNet and TestNet Waves clusters:
Online wallet

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Waves Ecosystem

Artboard 261
Function-rich blockchain explorer
Python API client and useful scripts
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