RIDE on Waves blockchain with smart contracts

Scalable failsafe language to serve both basic account security cases and rich decentralized application.
Waves platform is building a blockchain based solutions for real-world business. We are providing smart and flexible tools that will fit for most of the business cases and able to work with real-world data.

What Will Smart Contracts Bring to Waves?

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Multisignature Wallet
Two-factor authentication
Cannot be controlled by one person alone
The necessary parties must provide their private keys simultaneously

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Decentralised applications
dApps based on Turing-complete smart contracts will be able to undertake complex processes on the blockchain according to a range of different conditions

Token Freeze
Preventing buyers from selling or transferring tokens out of their address for a certain amount of time

Atomic Swaps
Trustless exchange of cryptocurrencies hosted on different blockchains

Two-stage Implementation

  • Stage 1
  • Smart Accounts
Lightweight implementation of smart contracts with limited functionality, based on the most popular and in-demand use cases.
  • Stage 2
  • Smart Contracts
Decentralised applications based on Turing-complete smart contracts will be able to undertake complex processes on the blockchain according to a range of different conditions. After the release of Smart Accounts, we'll continue smart contract development to implement sophisticated logic to address almost any computational task.
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We do more than just develop the technical aspects of the platform: we also participate actively in integrating blockchain into real-world applications to grow the crypto economy.
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