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Use your WAVES balance to generate income

By helping secure the Waves blockchain you can earn up to 5% per year on your WAVES balance. Simply lease your WAVES to a mining pool and you will receive a share of transaction fees in proportion to the amount you commit.

What is Waves leasing?

Leased proof-of-stake (LPoS) allows Waves holders to profit by using their balances to secure the network — whilst retaining full control of their funds.
Custom tokens platform Waves has implemented balance leasing within its lite client, allowing every user to take part in securing the network and profit from transaction fees — without requiring any additional technical knowledge or the need to download the blockchain. Leased WAVES remain in the full control of the account holder, and can be transferred or exchanged at any point.


By supporting the Waves network, you can earn up to 5% per year on your balance.
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How much will my node earn?

The more WAVES you lease to a node, the more rewards you will receive. Nodes pay out different proportions of the transaction fees and MRT they receive, and some also use their own tokens as rewards. Check the list of Waves nodes and select the one with the best conditions for you!
You can think of leasing your WAVES as a little like depositing money in a bank account. You receive income from them but can still withdraw them at any time.
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What is MRT?

Miners Reward Token (MRT) is a bonus token that is distributed to miners with every block created. MRT is intended to be used as a means for new token issuers to reward nodes for processing their transactions, paying fees in their own token.
As a Waves token, MRT can be transferred and traded freely on Waves’ decentralised exchange (DEX).
Calculate the reward
You can use this tool to calculate how much you can make leasing WAVES, but be aware that results will vary each week.
Total amount of waves
Mining term
1 week
1 month
6 months
1 year
3 years
5 years
576 MRT
24.2 WAVES

Start leasing your funds

You can lease any sum from 0.002 WAVES. Your funds remain in your wallet and you can cancel the lease and regain access to the WAVES at any time, with just two clicks. You can also set up your own node and start mining yourself if you have at least 1000 WAVES.
Online Client
1. Download Waves Client
2. Deposit WAVES to your account
3. Decide which node to support with your WAVES. Paste the node’s address in the required field in the LEASING tab.
4. You’re done! Your balance will now generate income without even leaving your wallet. Payments are usually transferred once a week.

Top Waves nodes

Here you can find a list of the top nodes by WAVES balance. You can find a full list at https://forum.wavesplatform.com/c/pools
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