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Use blockchain —
it’s easy with Waves

Issue, store, manage, trade, and analyze your digital assets safely with Waves blockchain platform and decentralized exchange.

Create a multiple-currency wallet

In addition to Waves tokens, thousands of other kinds of tokens have also been released on the platform, many of which have gone through an ICO and have huge potential. We support fiat money ($, €) as well as cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, ethereum classic, and more. The list is constantly expanding.
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Transfer funds from person to person
Waves has a high network speed with hundreds of transactions per second and a small commission, which makes it as convenient as possible to transfer cryptocurrency between network members instantly.
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Take advantage of our platform’s high security
Your balance is stored on a blockchain that only you can access. Only you can manage your crypto assets. Your tokens are stored on a blockchain that only you can access.


Any sum of Waves can be leased to miners to generate interest. You can refund at any time in 2 clicks.

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Waves uses a proof-of-stake algorithm. To start mining, all you need to do is to download and launch the node, and have 1,000 WAVES in your wallet.

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Start using your Waves wallet

Don’t forget to download the mobile wallet for iOS & Android.

How do I start using my Waves wallet?

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First, create an account.
Online Client
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Fill your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, US dollars or Euros.
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You can convert them to Waves tokens using the decentralized exchange, which you can find on the Waves client.

Trade on the world's fastest decentralised digital asset exchange

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Real liquidity
>$6,310,000 average 24h volume.
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Insanely low fees
<$0.01 (0.003 WAVES) per order.
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Crypto gateways
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Friendly UI
Fast and easy to use.

Among the amazing features of the Waves DEX are the following:

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Decentralized and anonymous
No middle man or difficult registration procedures. Funds are stored safely in your wallet, not on the exchange.
Fast and secure.
Matcher nodes execute trades in near-real time, whilst the Waves-NG protocol ensures that settlement occurs on the blockchain within seconds — giving speeds similar to centralised exchanges.
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Unlimited withdrawals for crypto
No high fees or daily limits on how much can be withdrawn.
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Issue a token and see it on DEX
All tokens launched within the Waves Platform appear on DEX immediately after issuance and can be traded instantly.
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Trading of any pairs
Easy and flexible search for a given pair, from hundreds of thousands of possibilities.
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Available for any device.
Use the DEX anywhere, whether in a browser window or in standalone or mobile versions.

Issuing your tokens, token sales

Cryptographically secured blockchain tokens allow any business to issue its own internal digital currency on the blockchain to pay for goods and services within its project. The actual cost of tokens (Custom Application Tokens) is established using open market mechanisms.

The role of the token is determined by the nature of each individual project and can be integrated into it not only as an internal currency but also as a token for decentralised voting, as a rating system, or loyalty program.
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Raise funds for the development of your project
By releasing blockchain tokens, you provide valuable services to network users, such as the possibility of transferring value in the form of certain convenient units, therefore attracting funds for the development of your project.
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Get loyal users of your product
By holding an ICO not only do you receive money for development, but you also gain loyal users for your product who believe in the project and are ready to become its first followers as well as give honest feedback.

Companies that have released their own tokens on Waves:

The Crypto-Centric Mobile Gaming Platform and Store

MobileGo becomes largest blockchain crowdsale in history!

Case Picture
Worldwide coworking spaces for Tech Community

Primalbase raised over 3000 BTC during crowdsale

Case Picture

A total of 18,867 tokens have been released on Waves

Totaling a market capitalisation of more than $1,000,000,000

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First, install the Waves client
Online Client
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Fill your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, US dollars or Euros.
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You will need to pay a small commission in Waves to trade any pairs, so buy Waves in advance.
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