Create a multi­currency wallet

The Waves wallet includes fiat (USD, EURO, TRY) and cryptocurrency gateways (BTC, ETH, LTC, ZCASH). These currencies can be sent anywhere in the world in seconds, because Waves is the fastest open blockchain in existence. They can also be traded on the built-in decentralised exchange (DEX) against thousands of other tokens. To date, around 10,000 different assets exist on the Waves blockchain.
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Transfer funds from person to person
Waves has a high network speed with hundreds of transactions per second and a small commission, which makes it as convenient as possible to transfer cryptocurrency between network members instantly.
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Take advantage of our platform’s high security
Your balance is stored on a blockchain that only you can access. Only you can manage your crypto assets. Your tokens are stored on a blockchain that only you can access.

Start using your Waves wallet

Don’t forget to download the mobile wallet for iOS & Android.
Download Mobile Client

How do I start using my Waves wallet?

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First, create an account.
Online Client
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Fill your wallet with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Zcash, US dollars or Euros.
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You can convert them to Waves tokens using the decentralized exchange, which you can find on the Waves client.
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