Waves Blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically raise efficiency in a range of business tasks, from supply chain management and securely sharing data to tokenization of real-world assets.



Waves’ blockchain leverages the technology’s advantages - including immutability, transparency and accountability - to their fullest extent


WavesNG protocol facilitates the blockchain’s high speed and throughput


There are 13 types of transaction available on the Waves blockchain, offering flexibility and allowing developers to implement complex logic for dApps


Decentralisation of the blockchain’s core infrastructure ensures outstanding security


Waves’ Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm requires a fraction of the computing power and electricity needed by Proof of Work

Low cost

Flat fees and no ‘gas’ requirements enables Waves to keep transaction costs low

Open Source

Waves offers open-source and enterprise-ready public blockchain technology

Programmable Features

Waves’ blockchain provides an extra degree of flexibility for token issuers and token operations, allowing developers to build dApps with complex logic.


Persistent scripts on the Waves blockchain run trustlessly and automatically, with execution conditions enforced by the entire network. dApps are written using RIDE, our purpose-designed programming language for on-chain execution.

No Gas

Waves dApps do not require variable ‘gas’ for execution.

Atomic Execution

A dApp’s outputs are only recorded on the blockchain if all its scripts execute successfully.

Strongly-typed language

Debugging is fast and code ambiguity does not impact execution.

Lightweight implementation of smart contracts embedded in accounts, enabling the design of sophisticated account-based features. For example:

Multi-signature wallets

Two or more parties are required to provide their private keys before a transaction is executed.

Asset freezing

Locking a token and preventing its transfer until a certain block height is reached.

Data Oracles

An application that connects the blockchain to an external data source, allowing payments to other accounts based on third-party information (coming soon).

A unique feature that extends token functionality, offering the ability to script token behaviour and providing the flexibility to satisfy any development requirements.

Low fees

A fixed cost of 1 WAVES is required to issue a token

Trade instantly

Tokens are listed by default on Waves DEX

Smart capabilities

Flexible scripting can be added to tokens with RIDE

In progress
Next up
Jun 2016
TestNet Launch

The first software for the Waves network is released, enabling developers to test the network and address bugs before public launch.

Dec 2016
MainNet Launch

With the public release of Waves node, the network becomes fully decentralised and community-maintained.

Jan 2017

A new service enables users to deposit and withdraw different fiat and cryptocurrencies and store or trade them on the platform.

Mar 2017
Leased Proof of Stake

Anyone is able to use their WAVES balance to secure the network and earn rewards, without running a full node.

Mar 2017
Decentralised Exchange Launch

Waves’ flagship DEX enables peer-to-peer trading of any tokens, with no counterparty risk.

May 2017
Integration in Microsoft Azure

The new partnership allows anyone to launch a Waves node or private blockchain with just a few clicks.

Sep 2017

Human-readable identifiers for Waves addresses make it easier than ever to make payments.

Dec 2017
Feature Activation Protocol

The next step in handing control to the Waves community: miners vote whether to accept new updates to the network.

Dec 2017
WavesNG Protocol Launch

Waves’ updated consensus algorithm enables unprecedented speed and transaction throughput.

Jun 2018
Data Transactions

An update to the network enables arbitrary data to be stored on the blockchain, with minimal cost.

Jun 2018

Implementation of the Leased Proof-of-Stake algorithm, which allows users to run Nodes on energy-efficient equipment and lease their WAVES to use as the stake.

Sep 2018
Smart Accounts

The first phase of Waves’ smart contracts allows developers to apply logic to individual addresses, enhancing security.

Dec 2018
Smart Assets

Application of custom logic gives greater flexibility to token issuance and use cases, through the application of specific conditions.

Mar 2019
Node optimisations

Updates increase the performance of API calls by around 30%, and duplicate matcher nodes for redundancy and uptime protection.

Mar 2019
Blockchain Storage Optimisation

The update reduces storage requirements for miners by up to 50%.

Mar 2019
RIDE for dApps

The next iteration of Waves smart contracts language brings support for fully-fledged dApps.

Jun 2019
Default function

Addition of a special function that can change a contract’s state.

Jun 2019
Open Poll Constructor

Release of a universal poll creator for conducting polls and votes on the Waves blockchain.

Sept 2019
Base Fee

One universal flat fee for any transaction with a script involved. The actual size of the fee will be decided by vote.

Dec 2019
New Binary Format for Transactions and Blocks

We are switching to a new binary transaction format that will be easier to support in various libraries.

Dec 2019
New Block Structure

Optimisation and separation of block headers.

Dec 2019
Sponsorship 2.0

A new level of flexibility for asset sponsorship, enabling smart control of sponsorship through scripts.

Dec 2019

Waves’ custom implementation of a so-called side chain — a mechanism that enables the blockchain network to process transactions securely on a parallel chain, dramatically improving scalability.

Dec 2019
Anonymous Voting Tool

A special voting tool for conducting decentralised voting and elections, with guaranteed anonymity for participants.

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A browser extension that allows users to manage their private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.
Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically raise efficiency in a range of business tasks, from supply chain management and securely sharing data to tokenization of real-world assets.
Purpose-designed programming language for building the decentralised applications (dApps) that will form the next generation of the internet.
Waves runs the world's fastest decentralized digital asset exchange, which also maintains a unique level of security.
Secure, user-frienly and cross-platfrom. It allows you to join the ecosystem and implement a full range of digital asset management.