Decentralised Exchange (DEX)

Waves runs the world's fastest decentralised digital asset exchange, also offering a unique level of security.

Demo DEX

Funds are stored in the user’s wallet, not on the exchange. All traffic and private keys are encrypted and stored only on your device.


No third parties and no withdrawal limits — you are in full control of your finances and decision-making.

Low, fixed fees

Flat trading fees are charged in WAVES for any exchange transaction.


The exchange app is available on desktop, laptop, iOS and Android devices.

Trading tools

Convenient access to technical analysis indicators and charts.


WavesNG protocol facilitates high transaction speeds.

Access any token

Tokens issued on Waves Platform are immediately available to trade on Waves DEX. If approved by BetterTokens, they are marked with a ticker and logo.

In progress
Next up
Dec 2017
Waves DEX Beta

The first version of the flagship built-in exchange is launched.

Feb 2018
Desktop app

The standalone Client for macOS, Linux and Windows is released.

May 2018
Dash & Bitcoin Cash gateways

New gateways offer support for two of the most popular cryptos.

July 2018

The relaunched exchange offers a better UX and performance than any other DEX on the market.

July 2018
Waves Wallet

The popular wallet comes out of beta with a major new release.

Sep 2018
Ledger Nano S

Integration with Waves DEX enables users to trade with maximum security.

Nov 2018
Smarts Account Support

Users gain the ability to trade with multi-signature and scripted accounts.

Dec 2018
Mobile app 2.0

The new mobile app offers a fantastic DEX UI and gateway integration.

Dec 2018
BetterTokens Integration

Tickers and logos on DEX show approved assets, giving users a high degree of confidence.

Jan 2019
Smart Account Trading

Support for trading on Waves DEX with Smart Accounts is enabled.

Jan 2019
BSV Gateway

Launch of Bitcoin Satoshi Vision gateway

Apr 2019
DEX optimisation

Improvements in DEX speed and memory requirements to be implemented.

Jun 2019
ERC-20 Gateway

Addition of ERC20 token gateway to the Waves ecosystem, meaning that popular Ethereum tokens can be traded on the platform.

Jun 2019
Mobile SDK and JS library improvement

Developers have simplified mobile development processes and gain comprehensive descriptions for means of interacting with the Waves blockchain.

Jul 2019
Multiple Accounts

Users have the ability to switch easily between multiple accounts within one wallet app.

Aug 2019
Market order

Traders can sell tokens quickly at market price.

Aug 2019

Two factor authentication gives Waves DEX users even greater security.

Available for Mobile

Blockchain technology has the potential to dramatically raise efficiency in a range of business tasks, from supply chain management and securely sharing data to tokenization of real-world assets.
Waves runs the world's fastest decentralized digital asset exchange, which also maintains a unique level of security.
Waves runs the world's fastest decentralized digital asset exchange, which also maintains a unique level of security.
Secure, user-frienly and cross-platfrom. It allows you to join the ecosystem and implement a full range of digital asset management.