Integration tools

Waves offers a developer-friendly decentralised platform with a range of helpful and easy-to-use Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) tools.


By joining Waves Platform you gain access to a complete development and deployment environment, including:

dApps Development

Waves’ purpose-designed programming language for blockchain execution.


an environment specifically designed for smart contract development

RIDE VS Code Plugin

a visual tool for blockchain development

Node installation
Single node

on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Multi node

on Microsoft Azure Marketplace

How to install Waves Node


a tool for communicating with the blockchain


community-driven open source libraries for different programming languages:

Grants for Developers

We are offering grants to developers who are building projects on Waves blockchain — a total fund of 1,000,000 WAVES is available

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In progress
Next up
Dec 2019
Explorer v2.0

New version of Waves Explorer released.

Jan 2019
Explorer Improvements

Stability improvements. Bug fixes.

Mar 2019
Behavioural Analytics Implementation (Explorer)

Implementing analytic systems for gathering non-personal behavioural data.

Apr 2019
Oracle Open Protocol

A protocol that enables anyone to create Data Oracles on the Waves blockchain as external data providers.

Apr 2019
Oracle Development Tool

An open and public tool for creation of Data Oracles.

Apr 2019
Search by Aliases (Explorer)

Ability to search data not only by address, but also by aliases for addresses.

May 2019
Waves IDE Update

An update for Waves IDE.

May 2019
Token Rating

Addition of voting feature to enable users to rate tokens on Waves Platform.

May 2019
Faucet Improvements (Explorer)

Stability and work logic improvements.

Jun 2019
Invocation Script (Explorer)

Support for new transaction type.

Jun 2019
Waves IDE New UI/UX

A design update aimed at improving user experience and ease of use, adding drag-and-drop tools for setting up scripts for smart assets or accounts.

Jul 2019
Integration with Keeper (Explorer)

Ability to login using Explorer and personalise the Waves Keeper UI.

Aug 2019
Explorer v3.0

Extensive new data reporting and graphics.

Sep 2019
Custom Gateways Framework

Release of a gateway development kit that allows anybody to create and deploy a gateway within the Waves ecosystem, for any crypto token.

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