Waves Keeper

Waves Keeper is a browser extension that allows users to manage their private keys and interact securely and seamlessly with Waves-enabled web services and dApps.


Available for Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge.


Supports multiple wallets in one account, with easy switching between addresses.


The user’s account information is encrypted and stored locally on their computer.


Approve transactions with just a few clicks. No private keys or passwords need to be entered into a website.

Peace of mind

Accounts can easily be recovered or imported on a new device using a SEED phrase.

Online protection

Includes built-in virus protection and enhanced safety in a compromised environment.

In progress
Next up
Oct 2018
Waves Keeper beta

The first version of the browser plug-in is released.

Nov 2018
Waves Keeper comes out of beta

The plug-in is made available on the Chrome Store.

Dec 2018
Waves Keeper for Firefox

Support for another popular browser is added.

Jan 2019

Support for user-controlled whitelisting and blacklisting of specific websites is included.

Feb 2019
Waves Keeper for Edge and Opera

Two more popular browsers are supported.

Feb 2019
Batch transaction confirmations

Users can approve multiple transactions in one go.

Mar 2019
Auto accept transactions

The user sets time and amount limits to allow Waves Keeper to sign transactions from the specified site automatically.

Mar 2019
Custom network support

Ability to specify any network enabled, including TestNet and MainNet, allowing developers to debug their apps quickly.

May 2019

A convenient feature to send/receive donations is added.

Jun 2019
Waves Keeper API 2.0

A new API for Waves Keeper improves speed and reliability.

Aug 2019
Waves Keeper Mobile

Waves Keeper integration in the Waves mobile app.

Aug 2019

Two factor authentication is enabled for Waves Keeper.

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Available in Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Opera

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